Character Builder for Rift: Planes of Telara
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Character Builder Change Notes

1.0.3 (3/21/2011)
The code that the builder uses to draw lines between abilities has been rewritten. This fixes a problem that previous versions of the builder had with the Chloromancer soul, where the line from Synthesis to Nature's Touch was not being drawn as a diagonal line.
The line that the builder draws from one root ability to another will now be dimmed out if you don't have the destination ability.
The builder can now display "affected abilities", "affected by", "related abilities", and "stacking limitations" information for abilities. This information can be seen in the ability info window, and is also displayed as a glowing border around the appropriate abilities.

1.0.2 (3/12/2011)
The builder has been updated with ability information through game version 1.01 hotfix #7.
The builder can now generate a "Guest Mode" URL for a build. This kind of URL does not require the build to be saved in the server-side database. (It works similarly to other character builders, where the build's information is encoded directly in the URL.) This is now the builder's default method for generating a URL. If you want a URL that points to the server-side database, you can open up the splitbutton's menu and select the option to generate a "normal" URL.

1.0.1 (3/6/2011)
The builder has been updated with ability information through game version 1.0 hotfix #3.
The builder's list of shards is now correct.
Fixed a problem that was causing the "points required" for some branch abilities to be incorrect.
Fixed a problem that was preventing horizontal prerequisite lines from displaying.
A number of other minor problems were fixed.

1.0.0 (2/24/2011)
First release.

If you have any questions or problems, post a message in the Forums, or send an email message to Silvertooth.

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